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I dedicate this group to everyone out there who chose not to accept Britney Spears' lack of style and fashion sense. Someone that has all that money should be able to make better outfit choices. Lets take Britneys pictures and making similar choices, build a new, gorgeous look. Say no to her brown boots! Say no to her horrible extensions! Say no to her never ending display of underwear! Be thankful she still has underwear! P.S. Britney, we are here for you!

Britney's Custody Hearing

Posted By zazoza on Nov 6, 2007 at 6:14AM

Seriously? Seriously??? Seriously. This is what Britney chose to wear to her custody hearing:

a black dress with a weird green print, her horrible brown boots, and her flashy white Versace tote

Call me crazy, but isnt this a very bad outfit to wear when a judge is going to decide if you are a fit parent and should keep your kids?

My idea of what Britney should be wearing:

A pretty cashmere cowl neck blouse, black pencil skirt and tights. Black leather pumps, her Hermés bag (in black), pearl earrings and some foundation to make her skin flawless.

Britney goes house-hunting

Posted By zazoza on Nov 6, 2007 at 5:06AM

Britney Spears went house hunting the other day and chose to wear her favorite ugly brown boots AGAIN. She is killing me. I hate how they have this weird brown stripe, I always think its her socks sticking out. Lets give this outfit another try shall we?

Original outfit:

Acceptable blue top, with ruffled cap sleeves, checkered hat, jeans and ugly brown boots.

My spin on her outfit:

Marc by Marc Jacobs silk blouse, jeans, brown belt, Gucci sunglasses, gorgeous Chloe bag and cute Miu Miu sandals.

Hey Britney - You NEED help!

Posted By zazoza on Nov 5, 2007 at 6:01AM

This is my first Britney inspired list, and I plan to make it regular, just because Britney makes a regular non-effort. Who knows? Maybe she will stumble across it and then we could all be thankfull. She has the money - we all know that! - but no guidance at all.
The original look:

A gorgeous Kelly bag by Hermés, turtleneck top, regular jeans, disgusting boots!

The new look:

First: Keep the bag! Then replace old turtleneck for this cashmere one. New jeans, new glasses, and cute flats!


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